Monday, May 2, 2011

Dinner wiz InLawz...

My dear in-lawz aka my hubs lovely family came down from AS (Alor Setar) last two Thursdays meaning weeks ago (hooooo lamanya baru nak update..almaklum gambarz baru dapat from Mr.Nephew!). Nway, they stayed at Royal Bintang Damansara throughout the weekend. My SIL & family (without BIL) just came back from Doha and brought her kids & MIL to KL.  I think Royal Bintang is the best choice for them, easy access to e@Curve, Ikano, IKEA & Tesco for food & shopping.

We had dinner together at Secret Recipe @ The Curve...

Kak Watie with her Puteri Bongsu, Baby Wan Sarah Putrisari
(my SIL - she's very slim & looking as young as ever  for a mother of 4 , Oldest 17 & Youngest 1yr++)

Introducing my lovely & spotting MIL...

This cute 'K-pop' looking boy hahaha is the youngest nephew, 
Wan Muhammad Azhar Haris  B. Wan Iskandar Zulkarnain 
errrmmm...have fun boy in filling the exam  forms *been there, done that, senasib dengan kami2 ni..huh!*

Arif (blue T's) the oldest nephew & his cuz, Amin...

belum suruh makan dah surrender...;-)  
Mac 'n Cheese, Pasta are his older sis, Salmah's fav food!

errmmm...muka cam siapa? cuba teka...uncle dia kan ahaks;-)

MIL was explaining bout the food she had during her recent trip to Bangkok, I guess..

need no introduction...US!

 What to order?? btw, lama tak pakai my Charles & Keith red wedges ni..ok,ok back to the food please!

Lamb Shank looks so Yummy!!

but nothing beats the gorgeous DESSERTS..huhu

Ice chocolate with whipped cream...perfect! 

Bon Appetit!

Family group shot infront of Royal Bintang with a big 'Camel' behind us *adala Doha feel sikit*

Its so very important for every married couple to have a good relationship with the in-laws. Show your love, respect & kindness towards your in-laws and accept them as your family.  Trust me, it would be much easier to adapt and try your level best!

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