Friday, September 23, 2011


Burfday again...I guess September is a popular birth month not only in our family, even among frenz.  My late Grandma's burfday was on the 3rd followed by my only niece Princess D on the 8th then who else MINE you know when *wink* last but not least my sista LOLA on the 18th. Happy Birthday to all September babies!

Surprise!!! It was a surprise...err yeah a surprise gesture from kakak & her abangs and of course BIL without him it won't be any cake & pressie *wah pujian di tangga teratas untuk Mhubs*

LOLA being LOLA a late bloomer who discovered her talent in music at the age of 20 then only decided what she really wanted do with her so called "easy peasy life" dadada..still into kiddies stuff like Disney BOLT plush which I still remembered she sent an email to big bro and specifically ordered this lil doggy stuffed toy all the way from the States which was not yet available @Toys R Us stores in Malaysia at that time.

Nway, thats only one of the 'bunch' in her bed and my Princess D lagilah champion she even has a cabinet to store the whole lot of her stuffed animals toys. Hari-hari tukar nak bawak bunny or teddy or angry bird. LoL.  Hmm...tapi kan I pun camtu dulu kecik-kecik the trio that I remembered most; Bonnie (my fav PINK doll), KoKo or BoBo (my giant teddy bear ) its BROWN in colour but can't remember exactly what was his nick name & Buntal (adik Humpty Dumpty) hahaha.  It runs in the family huh ;-))  I dunno about you guys but personally I think its good to train your daughter/niece to have at least one favourite doll/cuddly toy that they can hug bawak tidur rather than 'Bantal Busuk'...girlish stuff always adorable in my eyes!

Wokaylah stop bebeling joms tengok pix..


Arrrr...the undeniably cute..cuter...cutest cake
Great job BAKERFIELD BAKERY....Perfect!
btw, its chiffon pandan cake..since we just had a whole chocolate Indulgence for my b'day days before;-)

Hey...Happy 22nd Burfday LOLA LULU LOLLY!!!

The Kechoh....its really a SMURFETTE BurfDAY!!

Blow 'em all...less than 22 candles anyway hahaha

Yeay! Cut the cake...cut the cake *action mode je* 
*dalam hati* don't you dare cut SMURFETTE wuaarghhh :-))

 pose: pandang ke atas tapi everybody senget ke kanan...haiya 

helloooo...sudah2 la tu tenung cake tu *potong potong jeeeee*

with  The Abangs + bil...
The Kakak also want to tumpang se'smurfette'...bukan apa The Blue Birthday Sash compliments my dress ahhaha

and Lil Ms. Smurfette too..

woooo...never thot the bro also as vain as the sista huhu Danny Boy pun nak jugak pose ngan Smurfette :-))

and...the Papa Smurf look a like....Nicko KoKo *all he needs is a red smurfy hat* LoL

Finally she cut it and we got to eat the cake but SMURFETTE still in good shape...Bravo Lola! 

Oh yeah PARTY @ WORLD  *click for details* at IKANO Centre is the best place to get all party stuff for kiddos or even ours I mean adult,  who knows maybe you wanna be Ms. World or Ms. Universe on your 21st birthday & wear  swimming suit errr...okay perhaps A gorgeous gown would be nice with a Crown on that day as well as the Birthday Sash, hey my 40th Birthday! in years to come *Insya'allah*..why not hukhuk:-))

choosing the sash all the colours look, blue, orange, purple ermmm..
p.s: OH MY Smurf! my hair looked horribily kembangs in this pic

Then right after the 'in-house' surprise burfday with them, myself & Mhubs gotta rush to another Birthday Party...EVITA SOFEA's 1st Birthday bash....more & more pix to upload and cutie story bout her in the next entry kay.  Stay tuned peeps!

Just a beautiful momento with our late  OP/Gramps during his 90th Birthday a few years ago...

WE LOVE YOU *Al-Fatihah*

Have a nice weekend ahead! Lonely weekend for me :-((

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