Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Birthday Entry lagii.....!! Haha...sebelum uols cakap centu baik kita citer pasal new place kat Solaris, Dutamas ni yang kita teramatlah sukanyer ^:^

Sebenarnya-benarnya, still no time to sort Evita's Birthday photos yet (bukanlah banyak tapi nak pick & choose yang chantique di mata sendiri). Btw,  I had a full day "PR & Media" Conference on Monday at JW Marriot KL after 2 years tak berseminar & attend course rasa rindu plak nasib baik my lovely boss asked me to join in since she's the Speaker/Course Leader...LUCKY me, TQ boss!

Yesterday,  had to rush for two events one at The Gardens for Make Up For Ever (will story in depth in a separate entry kay) & Raya Open House invitation from one of the travel magazine, Gaya Travel at Palm Garden Hotel, IOI Resort (perggh...driving has never been easy for me even with GPS) oleh kerana tidak mengikut perintah GPS, tiba-tiba destinasi hotel bertukar jadi The Palace of The Golden Horses..pusing balik daa! Finally after a stressful ONE hour journey jumpa jugak destinasi sebenar The Palm Garden Hotel *gelakkan diri sendiri*

HELLOOO....Tajuk sebenar entri ni PUBLIKA! Okay...okay  its actually a new shopping centre (ala2 Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas) cuma lebih classy, bigger & nice..oh yeah Marc Jacobs opening soon there! Tak percaya tengok gambo2 ni kalau tak percaya jugak ha pi la singgah minum2, makan2 & chat2 kat Wau Penyu, Bistari or Papa Rich @ Solaris Dutamas area SOHO & Mont Kiara tu.
The fountain & The stage....COOL! 
behind this stage is where MAP (Black Box & White Box located) tempat theatre & Arts Exhibition

Photography exhibition going on till that Sunday, Sept 25.  

Our in house "Seniman" ...artsy eksi hahaha

hohoho...Prince Charming, Mr. Gere!

Let's see what do they have INSIDE.....

Oh my! look at this beautiful piece...we miss you MJ:-)

Food Village...
quite a number of stalls already opened but mostly chinese food lah...

Usually it annoys me when people took photo in the Rest Room/toilet...huhhh tetiba terbuat untuk diri sendiri 
one bloody nice Rest Room indeed! 

@ black box....

This is why we were there at black box....
The Three Sisters an adaptation of Anton Chekhov's play (a Russian Author)
Directed by Razif Hashim (8TV Quickie host)...*lola's pic with him too blurry to post it here*
As usual, Tq to KAKISENI for an informative website..

dah kena virus BB....PING!

A promising performance from the final year students of Drama & Speech, Blubricks Learning Studio..
Though one of the casts rather sound like a 'Nyonya' than a Baron's wife...sorry really a disturbing acting! 

Anyway we enjoyed the Play as well as the Place.  Hope more stage play coming up next! 

Okay folks Bye...! I wanna listen to the news, there was a massive explosion happened at Empire Gallery Subang early this morning oh dear!!!!


Heidi Shafiq said...

very nice artworks.. :)

Heidi Shafiq said...

very nice artworks.. :)

Posh said...

Yeah...impressive!! Thx for dropping by ;-)

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