Sunday, June 3, 2012

YELLOW Craze....

ye old Smokehouse

The Pine Resort 

  Mustard Yellow Bomber Jacket:  xonostalgia

" I'm head over heels in love with this Jacket ( hugs xonostalgia) & Tiamo flats (hugs client)"...ahaha
So in short, YELLOW is my favourite colour for 2012 *wink*wink*

Will be right back with more details on our weekend getaway at Fraser's Hill.

Happy Sunday Everyone!


xoNostalgia said...

You deffo rocked that jacket babe! Heheh.. Nice color combo as well for the outfit :) Love the third picture of the house, it looks rather nostalgic and charming

Cant wait for the rest of the post on your travel!

Posh said...

thanks beb *blush* colour blocking la konon *first trial* don't dare to wear more than 2 colours haha
Btw, me too luv the evergreen classic Smokehouse so very much. wish we stayed there instead.. hmmmmm :-(

xoNostalgia said...

Hey your color blocking outfit reminds me of this shoe: Hehe i wish i was vacay-ing rn to the lush evergreen.. what a nice table for two view in your latest post btw~ it should be on their brochure lol ;)

Posh said... cuteeee Fcuk ballerina flats for RM40 murahhhnyaa!

Thanks beb!!!

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