Friday, May 18, 2012


Hey Peeps!

Its officially opened.....PiNG! PiNG!

Our township has been the talk of the town even before its open, all because of UNIQLO ;-) Now, I can call SeTiA ALaM 'ma HoMe' *wink* *wink*

p.s: photo credit to Galaxie Blog

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xoNostalgia said...

woohoo! finally.. i got excited myself =D

Posh said...

Aha beb...but I think in 3mths time baru ok no debu2 construction outside. Some outlets & ZaRa still not yet open ;-)

xoNostalgia said...

Ah i just read your comment! if i knew zara wasnt open yet.. i xpegi.. lol i just went there today. Phew penat jalan.. the escalator was so far away. I think i shed quite a few pounds! ahahah. The only thing i'm enjoying today was the promo discount and such. Free this and that. Uniqlo was buzzing. Love the groceries store. Forgot it was saturday and no trolley to parking spot pulak.. I feel like i could beat fitness first regime with all the weight lifting during groceries shopping lol. Anyway, i do enjoy your shopping post..keep me updated with new happening stuff. Ahahah.. gah havent visit jpo yet :( I will surely go mad over there xD
Yeah i i think i will revisit Setia after a few months later... heheh

Posh said...

Hey Babe! You were there on Sat???? too we shud hv breakkie together krispy kreme ke or delicious (nice spot both Starbucks & Delicious kan) super hawt outside no pokok2 yet but windy...

Haha so funny la you..sure borong banyak ni!! Next time when you're here at my "ulu kg" give me a buzz k ;-))

KIV JPO for your raya prep...hihihi sure lagi best Sale!

Thanks dear...!

Anonymous said...

Heheh.. omg yes! JPO for raya. brill idea! I was there around 6pm I think? Delicious was like full of people at that time, the queue for dinner was so long. So i walked away and just drank my boost instead :C
Yeah, perhaps will beep you one day when I'm around.

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