Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ye Old Smokehouse, Fraser's Hill

My Doll House...hahaha kidding ;-)

 Traditional English Classic design never fails to charm me....

This particular angle a bit spooky...oopss *mulut jangan celupar kay*

 reminds me of Grandpa's own....Ding Dong..Ding Dong bergema segenap rumah! 

Admiring Glen Bungalow & Loving Smokehouse forever n ever but the actual fact is we HATED the place we stayed aka MAS apartment at The Pine Resort, Fraser's Hill.  Good location but super duper horrible  maintenance...wuarrrghhhhhhhh euwwww  no mood to upload the photos..later kay.

Have a fun weekend All!!! Can't wait for "MIRROR MIRROR  ON THE WALL..."



Anonymous said...

Woo the inside look so cantek lah! A nice set for film/ ads or smthg like that..heh
Bila malam sure spooky! ahah
Did you check out their rooms as well? Atas horrible ke?
Thanks for sharing the pics dear :)

Posh said...

yes! So the very classic & lovely kan tapi bila senja dah mula rasa eery sikit huhu. Not allowed to go up only for in house hotel guest..ermmm maybe next time if ada peluang stay there.

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