Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Saved By The Bell

Vowels a...oo..aww...eu..err..ee..

Consonants ga..ba..ma..na..ji..sa..ch..pa..da..

Vowels + Consonant = word

The mix of both V&C has been lingering in our mind during the 2hrs class early this afternoon and even till we left Korea Plaza...fuhhhh

Wooooo..seriously its a 2-hr class without a single break and there we were in a 40 pax classroom trying to cope with our very first lesson..


Teaching style: based on the speed of 'Tokyo bullet train'....

This pic really shows how 'blur' we were in class....*brain freeze* :-)))))

One down...9 more lessons to go...20 over hours of listenin'....
The big Q is can we speak and write in 'K-PoP" language after the 10-week complete course?? Hmmm......tough! I shall reserve my comment till the third, fourth or fifth class...


We then indulged ourselves with this perfect duo...Heartz Subang Parade for these lovely two fav of mine!

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