Sunday, January 1, 2012

First January Twenty Twelve...

Hello..Hello...its the first day of 2012!!!
I guess "First" has been the famous word of the day... my "First" this, our "First" that! Hmmm..every single activity marks the new day of a new year.  So on the day before the 'First' we did the 'Last'  Shopping & family Lunch (errr..the last one for twenty eleven) at Pavilion KL on a new year's eve before we bid farewell to 2011.

Everything Made in Japan..Japan Look, Japan Feel...I just LUV Tokyo Street @ Level 6, Pavilion....
Hey! Dooodols in da cute!

GREAT SALE babeh....!!

We spent 8 hours there from noon till evening but we didn't wait for the New Year celebration concert...too tired already, countdown at home sweet home.  Oh btw, just to share it here, they had to put the United Buddy Bears in a 'cage'.....*sad*

Reason: vandalism (conteng & calarkan)...mmmm

What a great family outing on a "Last" day of year 2011! It has been a great year indeed, so much fond memories and unforgettable moments.  Hope 2012 will be a better year for family, friends and all of us around the globe. 

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