Thursday, January 19, 2012

Korean Cooking Class


A few years ago, I attended a Thai Cooking Class at Silom Thai Cooking School in Bangkok and Authentic Vietnamese Cooking Class in Hanoi and this year I don't have to 'fly' to learn to cook another foreign meal. Korean Cooking Class is just right here in Malaysia! A galaxy size of thank you to KTO (Korean Tourism Organisation). As usual took loads of pix at the venue: Korea Plaza KL but, so little time to filter and upload 'em here. These few days have been busy in and out Service Centre for "Mr.GenDoe-My Malaysian Car" affairs *sigh*

So sleepy & tired but before I hit the bed, just wanna share the video during our class on how to make Mandu ( Korean Dumpling) & Tteokguk (Rice Cake Soup) with Madam Shin, the Korean Chef...her English is so adorable ;-))) Also for future reference incase I misplaced the recipe.

Alrighty, Gotta go...gotta go TaTa! Oh wait! Packing Time...can feel the sea breeze alreadeyh!!! Lallalala tak jadi ngantuk mwuahaha

Cooking class

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