Saturday, March 27, 2010

New 'Kid' On The Blog.. do i start. Let me see, maybe a bit of intro about me n why i decided to start blogging after soooooo loooong thinkin' of doin' it. First, lots of free time. Second to release my addiction from FB. Third I wanna share my interest, hobbies, views, opinions, experiences and maybe some fun activities with beloved family & frenz. Basically, through this i can express myself on fashion, style, keeping up with the latest trend like my own E-News. Not necessarily the Designers & A- lister's "pick n brew" but also the affordable and gorgeous collection that has a "posh" touched on it. ambitious.

Anyways, have loads of pix to upload and ideas in my head screaming to come out after more than 365 days of a non-productive lifestyle i would say. No more events to organize, logistics to take care off, no deadlines to meet, no meetings to rush for, no stress, no pressure, no hatred only the positive vibes...Yes, peace of mind definitely but when its too peaceful sometimes its hard to kill the time. Dozzzzzzzzzzzeeee off easily *sigh*

So now, here come the tiny winy notes to alert myself that time flies easily when you're not looking. Most importantly for me to keep a journal of my humble everyday life.

Already 1 am..better hit da bed rite now. Early Breakfast appointment with my BFF. Gonna be a long breakkie i suppose.



On 27 March 2010 millions of people around the globe will unite for one hour and switch off their lights to show that they care about our living planet. Let's Support EARTH HOUR!!!

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