Monday, March 29, 2010

consonant "S"....Stylish

The most freakish sound of S for d day..the word Sun pronounced as "Kan", Soap as "Kop". Some tots or even adults can't pronounce S properly and it sounds like "eth". Rarely S become "K". Just imagine if his own name starts with "S". Gosh e.g. Steven become "Keven". What would you do if your children have problems with S? Speech therapy or try to train him/her to say S,S,S,S,...24/7. Hmmm..definitely tough for the teachers. Pity them(those who have problems with consonant "S")!!

Still in the "S" segment. Came across a STYLISH n cool collection from Elle's Dressing Room through FB. It's so cheap all items are below RM50. Blouse,top and even LBD. That's bloody CHEAP. Hope i can get the dress i ordered, look 'sophis' with a pair of knee high boots (pix attached). The best part, its only RM39!

sAyOnArA...for today

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