Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hair Dilemma...

Rebonding? Full head colour? OR both? Having 'the worst hair of the year' was really painful and also scary. Salon has always been my greatest "bestfriend" and 3x a week the max. But ever since the bleaching nightmare done by the very unprofessional hairdresser about 2 moths ago, my hair is now 'stripy' black,red,brown,unbalanced,freezy just BAD HAIR DAY EVERYDAY!!!! Missin' my healthy long blond hair w highlights and also my short hair which was The best 'posh' hairstyle for me *sigh* DESPERATELY need a serious treatment for my hair now. By hook or by crook before 8th April (that's my target date - aim for the best look for my hair)

From hair to skin care for my face. M&S dry skin formula, creamy facial wash and day cream are 'D' best. No more peeling problems so far so good. Next, better put in my order for the Velvet pressed powder just for 3poundS @ Kensington!! At least i still maintain the self esteem despite my problem hair.

LoVe YoUrSelF!!!!!

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