Wednesday, April 11, 2012



Its only Tuesday!! Looks like not only Monday has it 'Blues' huh...

Nway, movie has always been my fav mood booster provided its an awesome movie just like tonite's NN premiere screening..."BATTLESHIP"

Aha..yes! Rihanna in the movie as officer Raikes. However, she wasn't the main attraction for me to watch Battleship again (if you were to ask me) though her acting as a naval officer was really really good! Leftenan Alex Hopper?! Hmmm..that would be a double YESes, he's simply one super hot navy. Guyzz, guyzz trust me just go and watch this movie and judge it for yourself! I bet you'll definitely agree with me 101% huhu

As I always say, action movie ain't my thing, not the kind of genre that I would choose for my movie selection. Hey!I but in this case I don't care about the alien, the transformers looking robots or spaceship at all. Hansem Hopper, US Navy rocks!

We had a nice Korean Dinner at Dubu Dubu Seoul, Mid Valley...simply delish food!

Spicy Udon (the Kimchi taste: just right) @RM14.90 (ala Carte)
Drink: Aloe Vera punch...interesting, nice refreshing taste indeed.

This is the Beef Bulgogi (SeT) for RM 20.90

At the moment this franchise of Korean authentic food only available at Mid Valley. This is the first Dubu Dubu oulet and fully operated by Chicken Rice Shop so please, please open more outlets!!

Today,Wednesday, April 11 is a public holiday in conjuction with the installation of the 14th Yang Di-Pertuan Agong..."Long Live Our King...Daulat Tuanku!


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xoNostalgia said...

ahhh dubu dubu! i havent been there before...just read a lot of raves about it ahah. keen on trying! Looks so delicious as well.. =D

How's your hangguk lessons? Btw did you get to watch titanic 3D?

Posh said...

Good food at reasonable price for Korean authentic food not too extravagant like some Thai or Indonesian authentic food (Bumbu Desa especially too much!) Frankly,didnt know about tis Dubu Dubu tiba2 ternampak hihihi...fully recomended!

Hangguk lesson eh...errr 'voluntarily quit' super difficult and confusing pronunciation not like K-Pop music at all. LOL

Titanic 3D no not yet....wahhh Jack & Rose! Have you?

xoNostalgia said...

ahahha i quit my hangguk as well! bila da sampai phase past tense etc.. i just cannot! >_< ahah
I'm seeing the movie this Sunday! Couldn't help it.. Got excited again watching the documentaries on 553. heheh

Posh said...

High hive!!!we're in the same boat "u jump I jump" :-)

Nway, enjoy your weekend and TITANIC 3D tomorrow. Oh yeah, its Titanic 100years anniversary on April 15! phewittt...

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