Thursday, February 23, 2012


Yawn..yawn..sleepy eyez at 12noon. Mana taknyer, had Nasik Lemak Rendang Kerang Paru & Telur this morning for breakkie..a 'good' start of the day!

Later, need to get my hair done 1st at least be a lil bit 'presentable' for a meeting at BU8 with the clients. Huh never ending story of me & my hair!

I can actually sum-up, February is the busiest month ever in my so called 'homeoffice' career. Meeting sana sini lah Starhill, Jaya 33, Jaya One, KL Hilton..that includes 'driving stress'.

The most embarassing moment just to share for laugh (only if you think its funny): okay, last week I had a meeting at Jaya 33 around 10am then guess what I've mistakenly thought its located at Damansara Uptown. Confidently went to DU spent 2 bloody hours trying to get out from the Damansara Toll only then I found out the number on the building at DU was 37 not 33 okay its Uptown 37 Helllloooooo...I was there at 10am sharp!demmmmm....!!

Complete Madness! I oh yeah, apparently my sista Lola was driving me at that time (less stress) and both of us have got to find Jaya 33 which we had no idea where it was...PJ babeh! Does it ring a bell.oh nooo left my GPS at home just great! As usual my saviour Mr.Hubs my living GPS guided us all the way to this 'mysterious' number Jaya '33' building. Aha! Better late than never ;-)

Nway, just letting out some grievances 'so called la'..Its Thursday a few more days to go...huhuhu

My Korean Class 'K-PoP Speaking Club' is almost fading..too busy to attend class..:-( 
 Till then bubbye...

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