Monday, February 6, 2012

Hydro Hotel Penang

I know...Penang lagiiiiiiii!!! Last kay, as usual accommodation review is a MUST at least can share a bit of info about this particular hotel located at Miami Beach, Ferringhi ;-)

Our first time at Hydro Hotel...

 Above Room 1:  Deluxe Twin bed - kinda too close to each other
Below Room 2:  Deluxe Room (Queen bed)...not much of a different isnt't it?!!
Old furnitures, grandpa type of TV set...but spacious room & cleanliness = satisfactory!

 One major disadvantage of the gotta cross the bridge to go to the beach...mmmmmm

looking at the beautiful & scenic Miami Beach....its worth d walk!

Close-up: small crab crawling out from here....tsstttttt errrrrr...

We had a great 2-day CNY 'eve'-weekend in Penang!!!  A special thanks goes to NST for choosing Mr. Hubs as one of the weekly winner (Dec 2011) and  of coz Hydro Hotel for the complimentary 2D 1N stay !

This week’s winner:xxxx xxxx in Seoul, South Korea

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xoNostalgia said...

I love the old vibes from this hotel! beautiful beach pictures as always :) xo

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