Friday, August 5, 2011

Salam is the 5th day of fasting for all muslim around the globe.  Wow...its been ages since my last entry, luckily I still remember my password to sign in ;-)  Oh dear, time passes way too fast, so many things happened in JULY and so many stories that I missed.  AUGUST suddenly came and greeted us with the holy Ramadhan.  Alhamdulillah! We still have the health & strength to fast like the previous years.

But not my dearest Gramps, he has been hospitalized for more than two weeks since July 20th until today.  I/we was there with him the whole week rushing from KUL to AS back & forth words can explain my feelings:-(

Press the RED button if you need anything....but I'm still right here by your side to assist & accompanying u..

He's in pain...he fell infront of his room and waiter 3hours for the maid to come in the morning :-(

Adjusting his pillow to his preference....the only skill needed: PATIENCE :-(

1st nite in Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah...still strong to move his left leg

Let the professional therapist do their job...doing the exercise days before the operation

The 5hours waiting outside the Operation Theatre....
Son (Uncle Faris), Grandchildren (Wawa, Ashye, Boboy & Lolly 
(I was standing in front of the main OT door with Mr. Hubs when nicko took this pic) 
look at the one & only little GreatGrandchild...hmmm Princess D was hungry & tired
After the operation...he was complaining about the long wait in the OT hall & freezin' cold
"Bring me to the sun...the sun...adoiiii"

Adinda to Gramps and her sons (one of them not in the pic) came from KL to visit him few hours after the operation...

Since the couple was too busy watching Malaysia Vs Singapore....
Gramps just resting his eyes & waiting for them to talk to him...psstt...hello ;-)

 back to his morning routine...but he said "I prefer The Star than NST"....ooops!

After weeks in hospital, he still having difficulty in breathing has to use oxygen most of the time especially at nite...
still, he wanted to read and be updated with the daily news...Get Well Soon Gramps dearie :-(

Please pray for his speedy recovery....Amin

Selamat Bersahur, Berbuka & Berpuasa kepada semua muslimin & muslimat!

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