Friday, June 24, 2011

Travel... Lifesytle...Fashion...Photography...?

Lately, all these magazines have become my closest friends more than ever, since I've got to do a lot of reading and 'research' particularly on the Travel section.  But, Hey! seriously it's a FUN job.  I always been the Fashion & Lifestyle magazines freak anyway and now doing it for work purposes, no problem at pleasure! Plus a free copy on every latest issue huhu..that I luv even more :-)

Today was my "Pampering Friday", had a five hour stretch of 'beautifying' process at the salon for hair treatment, mani-pedi & facial.  I feel darn GOOD! Perfect day indeed and of course a lot of reading too at the salon..ehemm.

Wokay people nitey nite! Nah, I'm not going to bed yet will continue with my online shopping spree *weeee*
Enough on Jumpsuit now Maxi dress fever...!!!!


Lady of Leisure said...

ahh bestnya hair treatment, mani, pedi semua tu hehe..
same here, i pun tak miss beli libur every month, hehe selain tu lonely planet dengan conde nast trveler pun best. i love yr entry pasal trvel.. keep blogging.. :)

Posh said...

sekali-sekali memanjakan diri best harus bagi kita org pompuan kan hihi. Yeay..high five!! jumpa geng Libur & travel magz fan...nanti i nak check la the other 2 you mentioned. Btw, thanks for reading my travel entry..muahhhhh :-)) take care!

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