Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sob...sob...wuargghhh uhukkkkkkk

A week ago on the night I was flying off to Tokyo, Japan I accidentally deleted my blog posts!!! Can you imagine...? I supposed to update my blog but why? Oh why...did I press the delete button instead??!! Wuarghhhhhhhhhh... bloody BlogPress...damnnn iPad...clumsy me...blurry mind...!! Wuarghhhhhhhhhhh...My January & February entries are all GONE baby GONE!!! Only one or two left...beyond sad, deeply depress & feeling down down..its almost like the end of my blogging world :-(

SADturday nite.....

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P.S: while googling for a sad photo I found this crying boy, the same pic that my late mom had in her room when I was was a gift from my late gramps didn't know the famous history behind the potrait till today...eemmmm:-(

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